De manera cromática
viajan las hojas
suben y bajan
con las caricias del viento
pasan entre las columnas
golpean los muros
no se detienen
como el eterno juego del tiempo
pasan por nuestra piel
por nuestros cabellos
sin siquiera preguntar
sin siquiera detenerse
es así este juego
que nunca termina
que nunca comienza
es la rueda del tiempo.

3 thoughts on “I

  1. Even in Spanish, which I don’t understand enough of, the music of the poem comes through. I ran it through the IM translator thing, and the music remains perfectly.
    In a chromatic way
    the sheets travel
    they rise and go down
    with the caresses of the wind
    they happen between the columns
    they strike the walls
    they do not stop
    as the eternal game of the time
    they happen for our skin
    for our hairs
    without at least asking
    without at least stopping
    it is this way this game
    that never ends
    that never begins
    it is the wheel of the time.
    Especially read aloud, the rhythm, the music comes through beautifully.
    Thank you for following my blog!

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    • Thanks a lot for take the time and translate the poem, the translation it’s pretty precise but the word “sheets” change it for “leaves” and it should change the sense of the poem right away, also thanks for notice the rhythm that’s a mayor for me when I write poetry.

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